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Paul (Pablo) Fischer

A Pueblo In Mexico
watercolor on paper
8'' X 20''
Signed With Initials Lower Right

Paul Fischer was born in Stuttgart, Germany on February 2 1864 into a respectable family ,he was one of three sons ,one became an engineer & the other two doctors ,he received his early education in Wurttemberg and went on to Bavaria to attend a university in Munich where he received a degree in medicine in 1884 . In the year 1890 ,Paul Fischer now a doctor accepted a position as a resident physician at Promontorio Mine in The State of Durango in Republic of Mexico , he immersed himself in the culture of his adopted country and was called Pablo Fischer . In the town of Santiago Papasquiaro Pablo met Senorita Gertrudes Flores they were married in 1895 , they had three children Maria Luisa , Paulina & Jose . Pablo (Paul) Fischer was a doctor but he had a passion for painting , self thought he had an absolute command of the paint brush , in his watercolors he depicted the Vistas and Mountains , Rivers and Lakes , Horses & Charros of Mexico with great attention to detail and soft colors in sunlight and shadows , he signed his watercolors with a monogram which is made of letters P F . His depictions of Mexican landscapes show his passion for the country ,on April 28th of 1926-The first exhibit of Pablo Fischer’s paintings was held in the woman’s Club of EL Paso , Texas. . Pablo Fisher admired the Mexican Master Jose Maria Velasco (1840 - 1912 ) who painted the vast landscapes of Mexico with great detail and authenticity , Fischer was never concerned with commercial success for that reason he gave away more paintings to friends and associates than he ever sold . In 1963 an Exhibition of Pablo Fischer watercolors was held at EL Paso Museum Of Art in the great State of Texas , at last a much deserved recognition long over due. On August 9th 1932 , at the age of 68 Pablo Fischer passed away although he is gone his contribution to Art and history will always remain.

Sources : EL Paso Museum Of Art Exhibition Catalog 1963 / El Paso Women's Club

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