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Gray Bartlett 1885 - 1951

Hopi Of Northern Arizona
Oil On Canvas
30'' X 40''
Lower Left

In his later years, an extensive traveler and prolific painter of western nostalgia throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Utah, Gray Bartlett began as a fine artist at the age of fifty-two, having been in the engraving business. Phineas Gray Bartlett was born in Rochester, Minnesota, and as a youngster sketched cowboys.  About 1890, he moved to Colorado where he became a working cowboy and sketched scenes of western life.  Deciding he wanted to be an artist and not a rancher, he studied at the Greeley, Colorado Art School and then on a scholarship at the Chicago Art Institute. However, the death of his mother brought him back to Denver where, to support his family, he got into photo-engraving.  The business prospered, and he retired in 1937 and went to Los Angeles from where, using many sketches from earlier years, he pursued his true love--fine art painting, something he hadn't done for thirty years. With camera and sketchbook, he traveled extensively within California and surrounding states--Colorado, Utah, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. His paintings are in many collections including that of the Santa Fe Railway, Arizona State University and the California State Library. He died from a heart attack in his studio in Los Angeles.

Source: Peggy and Harold Samuels, Encyclopedia of Artists of the American West Edan Hughes, Artists in California, 1786-1940

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